Football Fever

hay sweet how your holiday? Exciting?

In my country now emerging AFF game. Yes, it is a football game ASEAN. Which boasts the country's national team into the semi-finals with pride. They never lost the preliminary round. Spectacular. I was really proud of it.

And you know what? I think I'm infected FOOTBALL FEVER!
Look my pic

Here are some pictures of national team during a match

This is the ultimate bambang penalty kick against Thailand. I feel crazy when I see, very nervous!

president of my country and his wife participated watch, they had booked 400 VVIP tickets wow!

and this is my favorite player, he's very cute right? emm melting ټ

and this is the national team. very very very proud of them. keep fighting. God bless you!


mama dresses

today I dismiss my self from school hhe. This week my school there are no lessons, usually spelled it 'classmeet' and I think doesn’t really matter I go or not -___-

At home, I shuffle through my closet. And taraaa
... I see my mama dresses while still young. The color is very fresh and I take pictures.

this dress actually was a bit oversized for me, maybe I should bring that dress to the tailor next time.

I feel like my mama when young, and I loved it *love


monster in my december

Oh god, the beginning of december I've got mid semester test schedule. It's like chasing monsters will chase and kill me slowly. I have slept more nights and get up earlier.

And like tonight I studied chemistry. How lucky I am! My mom accidentally left the laptop in my room. And you know what? Voila .. I take some pictures haha fun!

Because these exams I get a few pimples on my face. Disgusting isn't it?

In the night I was in required to "spend" three books

introduce friend of my overtime, capuccino latte and cookies! yummy

Hi monster, get going! I'm too tired. Let me sleep on my lovely december T.T