Authority vs Nerdy

A few days ago when the empty hours of my lessons in my school. I take some photo with my crazy girls. We dressed like authoritys and nerds. And you know what? I became one of the nerds. That’s so fun. Enjoy that moment.

from left: laras, me, wulan, bocun

First, we were forced to do their homework

Then..... persecution

(sangat menghayati-_-)

In other times, it would be more crazy. *devil laugh*


Getting Bored

Hi bloggers how's your weekend? I hope not like me. Last week I was sick and finally all of my plans that day failed. Getting bored at home, I take some pictures. Some photos edited by my best Dino, you can search him via twitter @addienmirza. Enjoy! xoxo



It's been two months I got into 11th grade at my school. SMAN 4 Semarang. Actually there not really much different, other than moving my class. Of course -_-. My class friend stayed exactly the same as last year. Perhaps because of miss or anything. Whatever. Once I meet them I feel so better. Very convenient. Oh my goodness, I'm in love with my classmate.

There's my beloved classmate

I love you brother sissy. kiss


photoshoot w cousin

hay bloggers, how are you? I hope good.

a few weeks ago I went to Magelang, my cousin got married t
here. In Magelang, I took some photos with my cousin, very enjoyable!
check this out
and this is with my gurl

with my lovely mosky :))

if we together again, I will gladly do it again. xoxo



Recently emerging school DBL rampant. DBL is a basketball game between high school and senior high school 4 Semarang follow this.
Actually, from junior high school I've been watching the DBL, but what makes this time different DBL for me was that I became one of my school supporters called SUPERMAN. Super cool. They make a super hilarious chant slogans, beating drums, jumping, and shoutshouted to support the basketball team SMAN 4.And for the first time I am proud to be a member of SMAPA hahahaha



is fixed not already march.
very fast. many things I want in this march. I want a lot of pleasant surprises, all my wishes fulfilled this march.
and once again I say, "welcome to march I'm ready for all new story in this