flower day

flower dress, white cardigan, without makeup, little edit


Wow I have not been updating the blog. How are u bloggers?

On 2 February yesterday was my birthday.So Glad!

My close friends as usual to give a greeting at 12 o'clock at night. Ithink that day will not be a special day. Apparently I was wrong, about 5 pm my friend gave me a surprise party! About 20 people are coming to my house.

See my picture!

This is when they sing me happy birthday song.

I'm at throwing the eggs. And do you know? It smells very very bad, it felt like vomiting.

A few moments at my surprise party....

Brutalisme -______-

And now I’m 16! I will never forget that day.

Oh thank god how lucky I’m. I have a friend like them.

Unfailing love. AYU