Authority vs Nerdy

A few days ago when the empty hours of my lessons in my school. I take some photo with my crazy girls. We dressed like authoritys and nerds. And you know what? I became one of the nerds. That’s so fun. Enjoy that moment.

from left: laras, me, wulan, bocun

First, we were forced to do their homework

Then..... persecution

(sangat menghayati-_-)

In other times, it would be more crazy. *devil laugh*


Getting Bored

Hi bloggers how's your weekend? I hope not like me. Last week I was sick and finally all of my plans that day failed. Getting bored at home, I take some pictures. Some photos edited by my best Dino, you can search him via twitter @addienmirza. Enjoy! xoxo



It's been two months I got into 11th grade at my school. SMAN 4 Semarang. Actually there not really much different, other than moving my class. Of course -_-. My class friend stayed exactly the same as last year. Perhaps because of miss or anything. Whatever. Once I meet them I feel so better. Very convenient. Oh my goodness, I'm in love with my classmate.

There's my beloved classmate

I love you brother sissy. kiss


photoshoot w cousin

hay bloggers, how are you? I hope good.

a few weeks ago I went to Magelang, my cousin got married t
here. In Magelang, I took some photos with my cousin, very enjoyable!
check this out
and this is with my gurl

with my lovely mosky :))

if we together again, I will gladly do it again. xoxo



Recently emerging school DBL rampant. DBL is a basketball game between high school and senior high school 4 Semarang follow this.
Actually, from junior high school I've been watching the DBL, but what makes this time different DBL for me was that I became one of my school supporters called SUPERMAN. Super cool. They make a super hilarious chant slogans, beating drums, jumping, and shoutshouted to support the basketball team SMAN 4.And for the first time I am proud to be a member of SMAPA hahahaha



is fixed not already march.
very fast. many things I want in this march. I want a lot of pleasant surprises, all my wishes fulfilled this march.
and once again I say, "welcome to march I'm ready for all new story in this


flower day

flower dress, white cardigan, without makeup, little edit


Wow I have not been updating the blog. How are u bloggers?

On 2 February yesterday was my birthday.So Glad!

My close friends as usual to give a greeting at 12 o'clock at night. Ithink that day will not be a special day. Apparently I was wrong, about 5 pm my friend gave me a surprise party! About 20 people are coming to my house.

See my picture!

This is when they sing me happy birthday song.

I'm at throwing the eggs. And do you know? It smells very very bad, it felt like vomiting.

A few moments at my surprise party....

Brutalisme -______-

And now I’m 16! I will never forget that day.

Oh thank god how lucky I’m. I have a friend like them.

Unfailing love. AYU